How To Pick A Platform That Grows With You

Every Retailer must now sell online and in-store to survive, if not thrive. But eCommerce platforms were never designed for retailers. Ecommerce platforms were created to ship orders from a warehouse. Retailers fulfill orders over-the-counter from one or more store locations. Bridging this gap can be a real challenge, if not impossible for legacy platforms.

So how do you choose the right platform to grow your business without running into roadblocks? Will your customers be able to place orders from any device at any time? Will they be able to direct those orders to the most convenient store location? Will they be able to make returns or exchanges at any location, even if they purchased online. Will customers be able to choose delivery or in-store pickup for any item in an order? And how does the merchant manage inventory when items are being purchased across multiple channels and store locations? Finding the answers to these questions is near impossible for one simple reason. Legacy systems, at a fundamental level, weren't designed to handle orders and fulfillment in an omnichannel world. To simplify your search, we've assembled the characteristics that you should look for when choosing a platform for growth. Hope this simplifies your search!

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